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About “Sports ‘n’ Politics” and Roberto José Coquis

Sports and Politics have a unique relationship, but as much as we hope for the two to remain separate, sports usually gets politicized. This web page is not to promote the politicizing of sports, but rather to highlight the intersection of Sports ‘n’ Politics.

For nearly 20 years Roberto José Coquis has been involved in the Political Arena. He has worked on four Presidential Campaigns, on Capitol Hill and in the Federal Government.

After leaving the Federal Government Roberto visited all 30 Major League Baseball (MLB) ballparks with his wife and baby daughter in tow.  Their tour was dubbed “30 Ballparks and a Baby” and along the way he had the opportunity to explore, analyze, and journal their experiences on their web pageFaceBook and Twitter. They also conducted interviews with local news organizations and MLB to discuss their adventures.

Upon returning from their cross-country ballpark tour, Roberto earned his Masters Degree in Sports Industry Management. During this time he assisted several sports organization with strategic communications and marketing. He also worked at Comcast Sport Net helping them with the nightly Geico SportsNet Central show and production at local games.

Roberto earned a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies from American University in Washington, DC where he was a member of the swim team that won two Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) Championships. He also holds a Masters Degree in Sports Industry Management from Georgetown University.

Above all, Roberto is well versed with the ways of Washington, DC and how to get things done. Sometimes politicians need to use sports to get visibility on their issues, but other times government must help the sports industry to ensure safety and provide opportunities for athletes of all ages, levels and sex.

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