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Which Candidate Does Your Sports Team Support?

May 8, 2012
Just as the presidential contenders sneak away from the campaign trail to catch a ball game, as Mitt Romney did last weekend, sports team owners and executives are making a salvo into politics, shelling out big money to influence the 2012 election.

From NFL team owners to professional basketball players, some of the biggest players in U.S. sports are becoming big players in politics as well.

The professional sports industry poured more than $5 million into the last presidential election and is gearing up for a similar showdown this time around. But partisanship abounds as these kings of competitiveness coalesce around their chosen candidates.

The National Basketball Association has poured more than $2.2 million into elections since 2009, 61 percent of which went to Democrats. The National Football League, on the other hand, has heavily favored Republicans, with 58 percent of the $2.8 million that NFL team owners, executives and players have donated going to conservatives.

Here’s a look at some of the sports teams who are picking sides in the 2012 election.